Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Resurrecting the blog part deux

My plan to return to blogging regularly didn't quite work out, did it? 
Thanks to a friend's comments (back in July - yikes!) I realized that folks online actually do check this space out from time to time and I really ought to either put up (a post) or shut up (take the blog down entirely).

So with big thanks to Dave (I say to you: "Hi!"), here goes:

Anderson's Bookshop

Foreign Eclairs, the 9th book in the White House Chef Mystery series, comes out January 5, 2016.

I'll have more news to share about Ollie in the coming months, but in the meantime, here's a little snippet about the book:

White House executive chef Ollie Paras has served plenty of meals to foreign dignitaries from around the world. But someone is ready to serve her an ice-cold dish of revenge...

Things are about to really heat up for Ollie. News of a bombing and attempted breakout at a federal prison reveals that the brother of a terrorist she helped defeat is back with a vengeance. And after she gets mugged on her way home from work, the Secret Service won’t leave her side, fearing she is now a target.
When a White House staff member is murdered, officials rush to action over a possible security breach. It may be time for Ollie to trade in her apron for a bullet-proof vest as she becomes part of a bold strategy to make sure this terrorist gets his just desserts...

Another fun update:
All the White House Chef mysteries to date and several of the Manor House Mysteries (Books 1 - 3) are available on audio!! Woo-hoo!!

And with these updates, I'm back! I hope to post more updates very soon!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Resurrecting my long-neglected blog

Hello lovely blog-readers! You may not remember me. I'm Julie, the owner of this blog. I've neglected this space for so long that I'm afraid everyone has forgotten it exists.

My goal today is to ignore all the crazy busy-ness going on in the real world to bring you up to date with book news.

Coming June 2nd - MANHATTAN MAYHEM

Best-selling suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark invites you on a tour of Manhattan’s most iconic neighborhoods in this anthology of all-new stories from the Mystery Writers of America. From the Flatiron District (Lee Child) and Greenwich Village (Jeffery Deaver) to Little Italy (T. Jefferson Parker) and Chinatown (S.J. Rozan), you’ll encounter crimes, mysteries, and riddles large and small. Illustrated with iconic photography of New York City and packaged in a handsome hardcover,Manhattan Mayhem is a delightful read for armchair detectives and armchair travelers alike!

And... my short story, "White Rabbit," is included in this gorgeous volume. I'm so excited. Hope you get a chance to read this amazing collection (and it really is amazing. But then again, with all those illustrious authors, how could it not be?) Woo-hoo!! 


Also in June:

The fabulous Chicago Tribune sponsored literary fest will be held June 6th and 7th

I'm on a panel on Sunday, June 7th at 1:00 and will be signing books at the Mystery Writers of America tent immediately afterward, until 4:00. Hope to see you there!

And...summer's coming soon and you know what that means:
A new Manor House (Grace) Mystery!

GRACE CRIES UNCLE comes out July 7th

When Grace’s estranged sister Liza shows up on her doorstep, the timing couldn’t be worse. Grace’s beloved boss and benefactor, Bennett Marshfield, has finally gotten her to agree to a DNA test to establish if he is, in fact, her uncle. If so, Grace would move from being the trusted curator and manager of Marshfield Manor to Bennett’s heir. And her duplicitous sister would be right behind her in the line of inheritance.

Liza is not the only mysterious visitor to arrive in town. A man claiming to be an FBI agent has shown up, and a swarm of avaricious antique collectors have descended on Emberstowne for a prestigious convention. When Bennett reveals he’s in mind to acquire a secret antique and the FBI agent turns up dead, the plot thickens. And Grace can’t help but wonder if Liza is at the center of it all…

I'll have a WHOLE lot more news to share in the coming weeks (book signing party, Alex St. James news, Midwest Writers Workshop, and more). Tune in again soon!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Story Bundle

If you haven't read my first Alex St. James mystery, DEADLY BLESSINGS, here's an awesome opportunity to download it along with other mystery titles and pay what you like (minimum $5). If you choose to pay $14, you'll unlock even more great stories.

Details here:

I hope you'll take a look!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All the President's Menus!

I'm thrilled to announce that the 8th White House Chef Mystery, All the President's Menus, comes out January 6, 2015!

It’s an old adage that too many cooks spoil the broth. But when a tour of the White House kitchen by a group of foreign chefs ends in murder, it’s Olivia Paras who finds herself in the soup… 

Due to a government sequester, entertaining at the White House has been severely curtailed. So executive chef Olivia Paras is delighted to hear that plans are still on to welcome a presidential candidate from the country of Saardisca—the first woman to run for office—and four of that nation’s top chefs.

But while leading the chefs on a kitchen tour, pastry chef Marcel passes out suddenly—and later claims he was drugged. When one of the visiting chefs collapses and dies, it’s clear someone has infiltrated the White House with ill intent. Could it be an anti-Saardiscan zealot? Is the candidate a target? Are the foreign chefs keeping more than their recipes a secret? Once again, Olivia must make sleuthing the special of the day…

* * *
I hope you're as excited to read Ollie's latest adventure as I was writing it! Sorry this note is so brief, but I'm deep into writing White House Chef #9. No title yet, but stay tuned! I'll let you know when it's official.

As always, your local independent bookstore will be able to pre-order All the President's Menus, but for your convenience, here are some options:

Murder by the Book (Houston)

Aunt Agatha's (Michigan)

Barnes & Noble (a reliable and great friend to cozy mysteries)


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Grace Against the Clock

GRACE AGAINST THE CLOCK comes out July 1st!


Mark your calendar! The fifth in my Manor House Mystery series (it picks up shortly after GRACE TAKES OFF ended) hits bookstores Tuesday! 

Here's a hint of what's happening for Grace and Bennett at Marshfield:

When Marshfield Manor hosts a charity event, Grace Wheaton, the mansion’s curator and manager, is happy to lend a helping hand—until a killer makes an unwanted donation….

With the town clock in desperate need of repair, local lawyer Joyce Swedburg and her ex-husband, Dr. Leland Keay, are trying to put their differences aside to organize a benefit at Marshfield Manor to raise money to restore the beautiful timepiece. While Grace appreciates the opportunity to support such a good cause, the tension between the unhappy exes is giving her the urge to put both of the organizers in time out.

But after Leland collapses on stage during the festivities, poisoned, Grace suspects there was more going on behind the scenes. Now, she’s in a race to catch a ticked off murderer, and, if she’s going to prevent anyone else from getting hurt, every second will count…...

I hope you'll consider picking up a copy next Tuesday. Remember that your local independent bookseller appreciates your business and can order titles for you if they don't have them in stock. Your local Barnes & Noble is also a fabulous choice. They're particularly supportive of cozy mysteries and have been our loyal friend for years. Yay, BN!!